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The Blue Willow Recovery Blueprint Program is a premier Houston-based alcohol and substance abuse recovery program with one and one focus only-to provide nothing short of the very best recovery service for each and every client. Our one year long outpatient program is designed for professional clients and their families. Consultation and recovery services are highly confidential and completely private.

The program uniquely places an equal emphasis on the recovery of the client’s mind, body, and soul. In other words, we manage the whole person with addiction and not just focus on the addiction in the person. We tackle every aspect of substance abuse disorders at every stage of recovery and everything in between. The program is intensive, comprehensive, highly individualized and places a major emphasis on teamwork and communication. When a new recovery challenge arises, there is only one way to rise above, and that is together. Client and family education is a top priority at Blue Willow, particularly with regards to relapse, overdose and suicide prevention. This is especially for clients who have a history of recurrent relapses, overdose or suicide attempts. In short, there are no programs in the Houston area that can come close to matching what we do nor how we do it.

Program Philosophy

At Blue Willow, our philosophy may be different than other recovery programs.

Our philosophy has evolved over many years and derives from the passion and unwavering commitment to each client’s unique recovery goals. Blue Willow emphasizes combining a general wellness program with a spiritual pathway as one of the most effective and powerful ways to get clean, stay clean and most importantly, to live and love clean. Even so, we understand that each client is entirely unique and no two people in recovery are exactly alike. What may work for one person in one situation may not work at all for someone else in a similar situation. Recovery from drugs and alcohol is most important to us, not which specific programs help you get there.

Here are the main points of the Blue Willow philosophy:

  • Addiction is a disease of isolation that prevents one from reaching out for help. The isolation caused by addiction can cause or exacerbate existing mental health issues and leaves individuals at greater risk of harm from relapse, overdose, or suicide.
  • Recovery is so much more than abstinence and sobriety; recovery is learning how to live your life sober and love yourself and others.
  • Blue Willow advocates a non-judgmental approach to recovery. In other words, we have not walked in your shoes.
  • A client is not responsible for what happened in the past to cause substance abuse issues and addiction, but they are responsible for their recovery.
  • Recovery has nothing to do with perfection but has everything to do with progress.
  • Addiction is a serious brain disease, like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis, and requires a serious care plan based in neuroscience. The program adheres to the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria (the voice of addiction) and guidelines for evidence-based best practices at every stage of recovery.
  • Blue Willow believes in a team-based approach to recovery. Providers work together and are in constant communication, which prevents silos of information and “addiction gone bad.”
  • Blue Willow creates a recovery plan for the whole person, including the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Maintaining an addiction takes an immense amount of effort and focus each and every day, and Blue Willow clients are expected to channel that energy into their recovery journey each and every day.
  • When face to face with a client, we see a family portrait of addiction. Those close to a client are intensely affected by addiction and Blue Willow’s program includes family consultation, education, and resources for loved ones to be actively involved in the recovery process.
  • Achieving balance between sobriety, career, and one’s personal life is essential to a sustainable life in recovery. Without recovery, there is no family, no career, and no life. Recovery comes first, but centering anything and everything around recovery isn’t realistic for long-term success, either.
  • The Blue Willow program requires clients to work towards abstaining from all mood-altering addictive drugs and behaviors. Although step by step is best, we believe to be truly clean and live clean it is important to abstain from all mood-altering addictive drugs including alcohol and cannabis as well as obsessive-compulsive behaviors such as gambling and sex addiction.
  • You can’t do it alone. In other words, your brain needs other brains. If you had epilepsy or Multiple Sclerosis, would you try to treat that by yourself? Absolutely not! Addiction is a brain disease that requires outside help to properly manage.
  • Hitting “rock bottom” in order to be a candidate for recovery is a myth. If life has become unmanageable because of drugs or alcohol and you or a loved one are genuinely motivated and committed to enter recovery, Blue Willow is for you.

The Blue Willow Difference

Blue Willow’s outpatient recovery program is intensive, comprehensive, and highly customized, which separates us from other programs. The program lasts for one full year to fully ground clients in their recovery.

All providers involved in your recovery care strive to communicate frequently and routinely collaborate with one another. This team-based approach helps achieve the best recovery outcome possible. Our mission is to provide recovery care dedicated towards the whole person with addiction, focusing on mind, body and spiritual recovery services. Blue Willow and our trusted network of providers include a physician medical director, professional counselor, personal trainer, nutritionist and other holistic and alternative consultants when appropriate. Although this may not be the right approach for every client, Blue Willow strongly advocates a spiritual component to recovery. Finally, Blue Willow places a great emphasis on client and family education and prevention particularly when it comes to alcohol and drug relapse, overdose and suicide.

Here is what further sets Blue Willow apart from other programs:

We Take Addiction Seriously

Addiction is a serious brain disease that requires a serious recovery service plan.

A Non-judgmental Approach

Blue Willow understands that clients are not responsible for their addiction, but they are responsible for their recovery. It is not what one did to cause an addiction but instead what was done to them that caused the addiction.

Intensive Program

For best recovery outcomes and because you used alcohol and drugs every day, we believe it is best for the client to dedicate themselves and work hard on your recovery services every day.

Comprehensive, Coordinated Care

At Blue Willow we treat the whole person with addiction and thus there is a big focus on general wellness, nutrition, spiritual connection, and psychological health.

A Custom Recovery Blueprint

Each client receives a customized, individualized recovery blueprint designed to meet their unique needs. We understand no two clients are ever the same, therefore, no two recovery programs are ever the same. We offer a general wellness program that emphasizes general fitness and proper nutrition. We also offer a variety of other services including in office SMART Recovery and for the appropriate client yoga, art and equine therapy, aquatic therapy and a variety of other recreational therapies.

Treat the Whole Person

Blue Willow’s recovery blueprint includes a focus on general wellness, nutrition, spiritual connection, and psychological health.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Blue Willow’s dedicated team approach means that all providers involved in recovery care communicate frequently and share updates – there are no silos or foxholes here!

A Commitment to Education

Blue Willow’s program has a strong emphasis on education including the neuroscience of addiction and recovery, as well as a major focus on overdose education and prevention.

Treat the Roots

Meg Wilson, a trusted provider in the Blue Willow network, comprehensively evaluates and treats underlying mental health conditions including co-occurring disorders, PTSD, alcohol and substance use disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders including gambling, food and sex addiction. Ms. Wilson offers individual and group therapies, SMART Recovery and family counseling.

A Major Commitment to Client and Family Education and Prevention

Beyond the individual, addiction is a family illness. The Blue Willow counselor dedicates resources towards family therapy, support and education including the concepts of codependency, harm reduction and contingency management.

Concierge Recovery Program

Day-to-day recovery services are provided in the setting of your own home, office or other convenient location of your choice. The program is an exclusive, flexible, completely private and provides unmatched daily personalized recovery care to the client and family.

Utmost Confidentiality and Privacy for the Client and Family.

Blue Willow limits the number of clients accepted to ensure the highest level of care and anonymity to address your individualized needs through all stages of your recovery.

Community-Based Programs

Blue Willow clients are encouraged to participate in 12 Step and SMART Recovery programs.

Recovery is a continuous uphill journey, but it will be your most rewarding experience.

Blue Willow’s Commitment to Teamwork and Communication

Historically throughout the country, clinicians and providers in both inpatient facilities and outpatient clinics have treated patients struggling from addiction in isolation from one another, creating their own “foxholes” and consequently siloed care plans. This approach, “addiction gone bad”, unfortunately does not adequately address the underlying recovery needs of the client or their family.

These massive gaps in communication have all too often failed clients and families alike, Blue Willow takes a different approach and connects clients to a network of trusted care providers who are experts in their field.

The providers at Blue Willow believe that the “team” approach provides the most effective patient recovery outcomes and we strongly believe this approach could not apply more than to managing clients with addiction. We believe that when new recovery challenges arise, there is only one way to rise above and that is working together. Because of this philosophy, the providers involved in each client’s recovery are committed to communicate frequently and regularly with one another throughout the 1 year program which keeps providers on the same page and allows for a consistent yet dynamic care plan for clients.


Blue Willow is highly confidential and private. We do not accept insurance. If you would like to discuss our rates and payment, please contact us.

In some situations, it may be best to bypass the insurance system and avoid the stereotypes and labelling that potentially could follow you and avoid sharing your private records with your health insurance.

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