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Dr. Lalonde works closely with a network of trusted care providers that he believes in to help successfully execute each client’s recovery plan. Each trusted provider has a different area of expertise that will help address the whole person in recovery.

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Counselor Meg Wilson

Meg Wilson, MA is a Licensed Chemical and Dependency Counselor (LCDC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and is a national board-certified counselor (NCC). Ms. Meg Wilson brings a tremendous amount to the table. Ms. Wilson is a true professional in every sense of the word. She is highly compassionate, genuine and engaging yet her approach is direct. She has extensive experience working with professional clients and their families with alcohol and substance use dependencies. Ms. Wilson evaluates and treats clients with mental health issues including dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. She also specializes in PTSD, which is the biggest scar of our generation. Ms. Wilson evaluates and treats obsessive and compulsive behavior disorders such as gambling and sexual addictions. Ms. Wilson understands that addiction is a family illness and provides family counseling and therapy, support and education for the significant other and if indicated the children.

Her clinical approach is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, and Reality Therapy. She also utilizes SMART Recovery in her practice which offers clients an extremely unique and valuable opportunity to advance their recovery journey. SMART Recovery emphasizes the "self" and the idea that the power to change addictive behaviors resides within each individual.

Ms. Wilson will provide individual counseling at least twice each week for each client, and if appropriate, group meetings. Ms. Wilson’s office is located centrally in the Memorial area of Houston.

Personal Trainer Guillermo Palmer

We all appreciate that routine exercise combined with a sound nutritional program helps your body and mind heal whether you are in recovery or not. At Blue Willow we understand the ravages alcohol and drug addiction can place on the body thus we place a big emphasis on the client’s general wellness and nutritional status. The general fitness program is headed by Guillermo Palmer, CPT.

Guillermo "G" Palmer, CPT is a world class personal trainer with passion and expertise in therapeutic exercise. He has trained with experts who have traveled the globe in search of ways to learn about fitness and physical health and can craft a cutting-edge fitness program for each and every client. Mr. Palmer specializes in body composition transformations through proper nutrition, strength training and appropriate supplementation. Mr. Palmer will work with you on customizing a low impact aerobics or cardiovascular fitness routine that fits your needs and your schedule. For some clients, Mr. Palmer may recommend supplemental recreational therapy. This could include swimming, equine therapy, hiking, and yoga.

Mr. Palmer conducts trainings at his gym in the Memorial area of Houston.

Nutritionist Nikki Estep

Alcohol and drug abuse can deplete the body of valuable nutrition leading to severe brain biochemical imbalances including the neurotransmitter dopamine and nutritional deficiencies causing profound physical changes and psychological illness. These biochemical imbalances are further aggravated by poor dietary choices, which is common while abusing alcohol and drugs. A state of poor nutrition can make it more difficult for a person to enter recovery and maintain abstinence. Poor nutrition can also make it easier or more likely for a person to relapse. Unless these biochemical imbalances are addressed early on in your recovery and corrected, in large part through proper nutrition, a vicious cycle occurs and can cause a greater need for drugs and alcohol to deceptively try to correct the imbalances.

Clients in the Blue Willow program will have a formal consultation with Ms. Nikki Estep, a board-certified nutritionist. Ms. Estep is trained on the nutritional needs of clients while in alcohol and drug recovery. Ms. Estep will work on the specific nutritional needs of each client and will schedule follow up appointments, as necessary.

The providers at Blue Willow believe that to be and feel your best while in recovery, it is important to work on your specific nutritional needs.

Ms. Estep’s office is located centrally in the Memorial area of Houston.
Her website is at


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